Do you want to value your computer equipment?

Resale Components buys your computer parks and servers.
Products such as central units, servers, screens, and printers will be tested or dismantled for spare parts.

Our Services

Recycling and valuation of PCs and servers

From 50 pieces, we study the purchase of your computer park or servers in order to refurbish and resell them.

Valuation process for your computer parks and servers

1. Reception

An inventory of your shipment is carried out, followed by an initial sorting based on the aesthetic appearance of the received equipment. After the initial sorting, we can more accurately assess whether the product should be dismantled or sold as refurbished.

2. Testing

Each device or spare part is tested by our team to ensure proper functioning. Defective products are redirected to our material recycling channel.

3. Data erasure and protection

Data is removed from their storage (HDD and SSD) following appropriate protocols that guarantee their permanent and irreversible destruction. A data destruction certificate will be issued to you.

4. Refurbishing

Spare parts and/or complete products are repackaged in suitable packaging.

5. Marketing

Relying on our international network and online sales platforms, your products are returned to the market.