Do you want to make the most of your electronic waste?

Resale Components buys and values your electronic equipment.
Products such as electronic boards, central units, screens, printers, routers, phones, or decoders will be tested or dismantled for spare parts.

Our Services

Recycling and valuation of electronic components

By extraction and reconditioning of electronic components.

Material valuation

If the components cannot be valued, we will recycle the material.

Extraction process for component valuation

1. Disassembling

2. Cutting

3. Desoldering

4. Tinning and/or reballing

5. Testing and packaging

Resale Components offers a dual valuation

An electronic product contains material (precious metals, plastic, etc.) but not exclusively. Unlike all market players, we will recover high-tech components to reuse them..

We implement robotic processes for component extraction. Our ability to process large volumes allows us to offer maximum valuation of your products.


Extraction of pollutants

Only a single disassembly operation allows the extraction of accumulators and batteries from your devices. We guarantee recycling through fast, secure, and cost-effective methods.