Do you need to depollute and/or dismantle your products?

If you have equipment to recycle that includes batteries or cells, we take care of their depollution.

Our Services

Dismantling and extraction of batteries or cells

We depollute and dismantle your mobile phones, payment terminals, IoT devices, etc…

Recycling of batteries and cells

We have a network of facilities adapted to recycling pollutants.

The issue of pollutants in the electronics sector

Batteries and cells used in the electronics industry have become a significant environmental problem. Components are often made from polluting raw materials, such as nickel and cadmium, lithium, or lead, which can cause considerable damage to the environment when discarded.

People who dismantle or store batteries must be trained to manage potential risks and must follow appropriate safety guidelines. Likewise, it is important to store these batteries in a safe place and recycle them properly to minimize risks. It is therefore crucial to exercise caution.

For example, lithium, widely used in batteries for electronic devices, is highly reactive and can cause fires or explosions if mishandled.


Resale Components’ solutions

We implement automated solutions to ensure complete and rapid depollution of your electronic devices.

We are equipped with the appropriate equipment for dismantling, handling, and storing batteries and cells to ensure their extraction under optimal conditions.

We guarantee the treatment of this waste by specialized and approved channels.