✓ ICPE Standard (Facility Classified for Environmental Protection)

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Let's think circular economy

Electronic components
and material

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Equipped with a high-tech machine park, we are your partner for extracting and valuing electronic components found in all devices.

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Servers and PCs

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Our vast storage space allows us to receive and recycle your computer parks and servers under the best conditions. We adapt the valuation solutions according to the product typology.

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We have a marketing solution for all your electronic products, components or complete equipment, whether new or used.

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Decontamination and Dismantling

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The extraction, disassembly, and recycling of batteries and accumulators are major environmental challenges. We are delighted to be able to support you throughout the process.

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Resale Components values the electronic components found in obsolete or defective equipment. They will be reused in other devices, thus creating a circular economy.

For a thriving circular economy:Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

1. What are the advantages of recycling with Resale Components?
While most market players grind electronic equipment to recycle the material only, Resale Components also values electronic components, thus creating a virtuous economy.
2. What is the ICPE standard?
To treat WEEE, the company must be classified according to the ICPE standard (Facility Classified for Environmental Protection).
This standard, issued by the French government, regulates industrial and commercial installations that may pose a risk to the environment and human health. These rules aim to prevent or minimize these risks by imposing obligations on operators of classified installations, particularly in terms of monitoring, waste treatment, and environmental protection.
3. What is Track Déchets?

Trackdéchets is a digital tool, developed by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, which simplifies waste traceability in real time and provides transparency and reliability in the waste sector.

4. What is the circular economy?
The circular economy aims to create products and services responsibly by reducing resource use and waste generated. It replaces a “disposable” logic with a “closed-loop use” logic.

WEEE valuation guarantee

Our core business is to find a second life for all devices and electronic components.

Data destruction guarantee

We guarantee data security while respecting environmental standards.

Depollution guarantee

We handle the disassembly of batteries and accumulators up to their recycling in a specialized sector.

Compliance with the law

We provide the waste tracking slip (WTS).